Dark music to brighten your day


“And I cry when I see this, the world has gone numb
And I die when I feel this, passion has come undone”


1. Scorched
2. Passion
3. Drift away
4. Disappeared

In 2023 we decided to leave the Netherlands where we have lived our entire lives. In search for something our souls craved, but what couldn’t be found in any urban area:


Nature, true silence, contrast, stillness

We wanted to feel connected again and dedicate our lives to our music.

So off we went: on to a different life in the North of Sweden, surrounded by endless forests and beautiful nature …

Our fans say our music is truly unique – a layered blend of femininity and contrasting tension. The music is telling a melancholic story and the mood can be described as “introspective music for metalheads“.

From heartfelt ballads to emotionally charged tales, infused with dramatic electronic sounds and heavy guitar riffs, Signs Of Stillness brings a new take on Industrial Gothic Metal.

We continue to conduct an inward search and inspire true music lovers to do the same. We invite you to join us on this search for true stillness!


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